About us

Resolving global challenges and tracking impact
from donations and impact investments

Our mission

Our mission is to contribute to resolution of global challenges through mobilizing entrepreneurship, impact investments, and donations

We know that millions of people all over the world
are obsessed with the idea of making the world
better and we are the same.

We believe that economic activities worldwide
focused on impact is the way to a sustainable world.
The more people are engaged, and broader impact
activities are spread globally, the faster global
challenges of humanity will be resolved.

Our team

Anton Zur
CEO & Founder
Matej Michalko
Co-founder, Head of blockchain
Olga Diachenko
Co-founder, Strategy
Christoph Zinganell
Head of Sharing Economy
Aleksandr Peresichan
Chief Technical Officer
Andrey Popov
Head of Products
Alexey Kuznetsov
Product Design Director
Pavel Grachev
Technical Team Leader


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