Official launch of Token 4 Hope
On March 28th, Vienna will gather leading Austrian players from charity and blockchain sectors to discuss potential for utilization of disruptive technologies for the benefit of society. The event will be dedicated to successful release of Token4Hope, a project implemented in collaboration of HumanVenture, Collective Energy and DECENT and in partnership with Blockchain Austria and Wiener Hilfswerk.
November 28, 2018
Announcement of Token 4 Hope in Vienna
HumanVenture is proud to officially announce Token 4 Hope, a project of HumanVenture, DECENT and Collective Energy. The product is planned to be delivered to the market by February, 2019. Blockchain Austria and Hilswerk, international foundation and a chain of social shops, became official partners of the project.
November 20, 2018
Shareholders and Board of Directors' meeting of HumanVenture Global SA in Geneva
November 16-18, 2018
Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon in Moscow
Fifth in international series of DECENT hackathon reached Russia. HumanVenture became an official partner and co-organiser of the hackathon. Hackathon targeted blockchain projects for sustainable development proposes. The winner, Noah, service for donation to support extinct animals, will participate in Grand Finale among with the projects from China, USA, Slovakia and Germany. Read more about the Moscow's hackathon here.
November 6-8, 2018
HumanVenture is attending TBLI Nordic
TBLI (Triple Bottom Line Investments) is a company and series of international impact investing conferences founded by Mr. Robert Rubinstein, one of the leading global influencers in impact investing. Mr. Rubinstein created his TBLI concept back in. HumanVenture was presented by Tomas Varga, member of international HumanVenture team and an expert in blockchain strategy development from DECENT, in the panel discussion “Blockchain for sustainable development”
October 24, 2018
World Investment Forum in Geneva
Inspiring meetings, acquaintance with UNIDO, unique place - an Uber driver is finishing PhD in economics and agreed to cooperate in impact investing projects in Africa
September 20, 2018
Presentation of Token 4 Hope at Blockchain Beachcamp Vienna. It is finally going live! Our Homeless Token concept which has been evolving since the end of 2017 (see: Barcelona, Berlin) is now announced and goes into development!
Head of HumanVenture Vienna, Christoph Zinganell, and Tomas Varga, Head of strategy of DECENT, presented a concept of HumanVenture's project, Vienna Homeless Token, at Blockchain Beachcamp Vienna. Vienna Homeless Token (VHT) is a donation token for homeless people which can be spent on the first needs only and imply a transparent and traceable solution for donations. VHT will be developed in partnership with DECENT, international blockchain company.
September 2018
Partnership with SOLVED
We are happy to announce launch of our cooperation with Solved, an international online expert and advisory platform. Check out HumanVenture white label page at Solved. Register your project and call our experts on for advice.
July 20-21, 2018
Blockchain Pioneers Berlin
The third in series of DECENT international hackathons with the proposes of creating blockchain projects for sustainable development, where CEO and founder of HumanVenture, Anton Zur, was invited as a jury member. Read more about the hackathon here.
May 28, 2018
New Shape Hackathon Moscow:
HumanVenture's partners, Global Challenges Foundation, had been running the New Shape Prize – a global contest of ideas of how global governance could be organized to enable resolution of most acute challenges of humanity. This remarkable initiative received an overwhelmimg response globally, with 2702 teams from 142 countries having presented their ideas. The contest had been running since August 2016 and resulted in New Shape Forum and Rewards Ceremony in Stockholm on May 26-28, 2018. In parallel, New Shape Hackathons were held in 5 cities around the globe, and HumanVenture was honored to host such an event in Moscow. More than 70 people from various sectors attended the event to brainstorm on their own ideas and refine and discuss practical implementation of the 14 concepts which reached the finals of the NSP. Please find more on the event here: The event was supported by UN Global Compact Russia Network which has been running their contest of ideas of business
April 11-13, 2018
Impact Park Milan
HumanVenture's team attended Impact Park Milan, an international impact investing conference organized by Impact Hub Milan and Rancilio Cube headed by esteemed gentlemen Marco Nannini and Luca Rancilio. You know that Milan is a wonderful city itself, but this time we were really impressed by the spirit of the event which was attended by really top-notch investors, numerous startups with creative and breakthrough ideas, high-profile representatives of top world's banks and funds, etc. These were 2.5 days full of highly informative and inspiring meetings, presentations and networking. When being there, one have no doubts that the powerful people and ideas will ensure successful resolution of all global challenges rather sooner than later. If you are in any way interested in impact investing and sustainable development, Impact Park Milan is definitely a place to go for you, so make sure to follow them not miss their next event!
March 27, 2018
Our view on crowdfunding (HumanVenture takes on crowdfunding):
We believe in potential of crowdfunding as one of the powerful global tools enabling people to contribute to making the world beter with their financial resources irrespectively of their location and ticket size. Read how crowdfunding is deployed for financing cleantech projects in EU in the article of our Head of Cleantech Dmitry Sazonov on Medium:
March 2018
Interview on MediaMetrics
March 2018
Visit to Barcelona for meetings with Giveth
We visited Barcelona to meet our friends from Giveth (, a powerful community of Ethereum developers developing their DApp for charity. We were inspired by our talks with Griff Green, Kay Gaertler and other members of Giveth team and what they are doing and decided to start working on the concept of our own project for homeless people, tentatively Berlin Homeless Token/Vienna Homeless Token.
February 1-4, 2018
HumanVenture workshop together with Christoph Zinganell, Founder and CEO of Collective Energy, mentor in WeXelerate
December 2017
Anton Zur, Founder of HumanVenture, joined 1millionstartups as a Founding Member by intivation of Mrs. Selma Prodanovic, their Founder and CEO. 1millionstartups ( is a global community of startups acting in various spheres of sustainable development, and we are happy to be a part of this remarkable project and align our forces with several hundreds of other startups for a better world. 1millionstartups signed an Entrepreneurship Declaration for Sustainability supported by UNIDO to confirm our joint commitment to never stay rested until most acute problems of humanity remain unresolved.
November 10-12, 2017
Sustainability Jam Berlin
HumanVenture attended Sustainability Jam Berlin, a weekend retreat where participants spent two days to generate ideas and prototype products for sustainable development. Our team visited a homeless shelter and interviewed the manager. It is a pity that so many decent people are left behind and could be pulled out of difficult life circumstances by offering a helping hand and psychological support. Our team prototyped a project of Mobile Shower and Coffee for homeless people to help them with some of their daily needs and give them more confidence and mood for social reintegration.
April 2017
test crowdfunding via Eureeca and Enerwhere
We have been monitoring development of Eureeca for a long time, we liked that this is the one of the most international crowd-investment platform in the world. We decided to try the crowd-investment campaigns and made some small investments in their own campaign and also campaign of Enerwhere, a movable solar power project. We believe in high potential of crowdinvesting for resolution of global challenges and would be happy to cooperate with Eureeca in the future. Please check these two campaigns on Eureeca's website: And if you are as well a believer in crowdfunding and crowdinvesting, then you might also find of interest WEF working group's excellent research on FinTech and in particular Section 3.6 ‘Equity Crowdfunding’ (p. 147-167): which stipulates Social Driver and International Expansion as key factors of successful development of the sector.

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