Why Humanventure?

We know that millions of people all over the world are obsessed with the idea of making the world better — because we are the same :)

We are sure that economic activities worldwide should, and will, be more and more shifted towards resolution of the acute challenges of humanity. The more people are engaged and the wider such activities are spread all over the globe, the faster the problems humanity is facing will be resolved, and the more solid the fundamentals will be ensuring attractive return on investments in resolution of global challenges.


However, for more effective solution of global problems, it’s necessary to have all the participants’ efforts consolidation as much as possible and create viable economic and business models of promotion and development of this kind of activities.


Our project HumanVenture is an international social and professional Internet community - a platform for concentration of intellectual and financial resources for resolution of the most challenging issues of humanity in an economically efficient way, which means generating financial and material benefits for all the participants.


To this purpose the Company's core business is to operate, develop, maintain and promote the HumanVenture Platform, based on modern software technologies, which allow incubation, acceleration, sourcing and investment into new projects having a positive economic, social or ecological impact.

Chosen areas

Our criteria for the choice of the areas of Humanventure activity

  • Obviousness and unambiguity
  • Unconditional and objective contribution of the activity in the selected areas to the formation of a favorable social, ecological and economic environment for the entire humanity
  • Availability or ability to create cost-effective business models
  • Attractiveness for everyone and opportunity to participate by means of mechanisms offered by Humanventure and to gaining in physical or monetary form
  • Significant growth potential and investment potential on a global scale
  • Absence of restrictions of national, political and religious character
Clean Energy
Poverty Reduction

Our team

Founders and management of Humanventure is an international team of enthusiasts and professionals with extensive work experience in banking, power engineering, socially oriented non-profit organizations.

Board of directors:


  • Heidi De Vivis (Chairperson of the Board)
  • Matej Michalko
  • Hubert Louis Leclerc

Legal address:

HumanVenture Global SA, 14 Rue du Rhone, Geneva, Switzerland